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ما هو الاسلام …؟

août 2007
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Ajijola, a Muslim author and apologist, writes, « In the Arabic Language the word ‘ilah’ means ‘one who is worshipped …. The word ‘Allah’, on the other hand, is the essential personal name of God. ‘La ilaha illa-Allah’ would literally mean, ‘There is no « ilah » other than the One Great Being known by the name Allah.’  » Cragg, in his highly acclaimed work The Call of the Minaret, notes, « The Arabic form ilahun meaning ‘a god ‘ is similar to the  hebrew and Aramaic words for deity. When used with the definite article Al-Ilahu meaning ‘The God’ the l consonant of the article coalesces with the same letter in the first syllable of the word eliding the i sound to make Al-lah. If we take the word to be of genuine Arabic form this is the obvious rigin.If, as some scholars believe, the word does not have this origin but is historically derived from a sister language, its significance is the same. Allah means ‘God’ which connotation English achieves by dismissing even the definite article and using the capital letter—a device which Arabic lacks. »

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