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ما هو الاسلام …؟

août 2007
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Allah is the personal name for God in Islam. We make no distinction in this book, as some do, between the word « Allah » and the English word « God.  » As one well-known Muslim author puts it, « Al Lah means ‘the Divinity’ in Arabic: it is a single God, implying that a correct transcription can only render the exact meaning of the word with the help of the expression ‘God.’ For the Muslims, al lah is none other than the God of Moses and Jesus. »In agreement with this warning, Kenneth Cragg, the noted Christian scholar of Islam, also claims that  » since both Christians and Muslim faiths believe in One supreme sovereign Creator-God, they are  bviously referring when they speak of Him, under whatever terms, to the same Being.To suppose otherwise would be confusing. It is important to keep in mind that though the apprehensions differ, their theme is the same. The differences, which undoubtedly exist, between the Muslim and the Christian understanding of God are far-reaching and must be patiently studied. But it would be fatal to all our mutual tasks to doubt that One and the same God over all was the reality in both.  » Arab Christians use the term « Allah » for God. Of course, their nderstanding of what this term means differs from that of Muslims, but both have the same deferent in mind.

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